The Wee Bazaar


                                       The Wee Bazaar By GrAyJo Trading Ltd.

We select our products using our love of colours, textures and an appreciation of handcrafted items. We aim to choose all our products from both small local businesses and around the world paying attention to fairly traded products and in particular, 1 off items that are not available anywhere on the mass market. If you are looking to bring some colour to your home, from cushions to throws, lamps to lanterns or gift ideas for your loved ones.


How did we get started?

This was a culmination of ideas after numerous family holidays and the buying of various gifts.All our family and friends loved receiving the hand-made gifts we brought back from trips abroad, especially the Turkish ones. Even to the point that specific requests were being made e.g.'' Next time you are over in Turkey will you bring me back a green bowl or could you get me a blue mosaic lamp.! ''After lots of encouragement and support from family, friends and colleagues, we thought starting our own small company could be a real possibility.Having a Turkish national at the head of the team puts us at an advantage as we were able to source manufacturers to ensure the best prices possible at cost and the best passed on to our valuable customers.We continue to have a strong relationship with our suppliers. We incorporated our Ltd. company in July 2014 and have been trading since.Our Turkish products have proved such a hit that we have opened a small shop unit and storage.We thought that, alongside our imported goods, it is important to fly the flag, as it were for some local product , we sourced our throws and blankets from a small mill in Leicestershire.They have become so popular and far exceed our expectations as far as popularity is concerned. As time goes on we will stock a variety of hand-made goods from other parts of the world and support small manufacturers here in UK and abroad.

Our entire ethos is to deliver quality at a reasonable  price ...

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The Wee Bazaar

 Market Hall, Market Harborough

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